Monday, December 26, 2016

Singapore's Tuition Industry is estimated at $1Billion

While education experts say it is difficult to establish how much of a role tuition has in academic success, one thing is for sure. Tuition business in Singapore is worth more than a billion dollars annually. Almost double the $650 million spent on it in 2004.

Parents have no qualms spending several hundreds or thousands of dollars on tuition each month. This is despite knowing that having tuition may not raise their children's grades significantly. This commitment to education stems from a strong belief that good grades in school will ensure a successful life in future.

Dr Yeap Ban Har, 48, principal of Marshall Cavendish Institute, feels that tutoring helps students in mastering the basics, but does not contribute significantly to performing well in novel, challenging problems. "If a student is weak in basics, tuition might help with basic skills questions as it tends to be about practice and more practice," he said.

National Institute of Education don Jason Tan said the efficacy of tuition varies from student to student. "I don't think you can say tuition does not work for anyone."

Dr Yeap, National University of Singapore economics lecturer, said that the skills of a teacher makes more of a difference in a student's learning process. "It is not a case of tuition or no tuition... If a teacher can create opportunities (for the students) to explore, to collaborate, to think structurally, to reflect, to communicate, to be independent, to make meaning, to be confident… It does not matter whether he is a teacher in a school, or a tutor."

Monday, December 12, 2016

Tichmi - A Revolutionary New Automated Singapore Tuition Agency

Tichmi - A revolutionary new automated Singapore Tuition Agency ....
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- Tichmi does not have any coordinator or any middle person to provide you with the Tutor contact details
- Tichmi provides both Tutor and Students / Parents with Feedbacks / Ratings and Reviews system thus avoiding speculation of the Tutors.
- Tichmi allow the Parents to check and liaise with the potential Tutor themselves and not relying on any coordinator experience.
- Tichmi do not allow any contacts to be reveal until both Tutor and Parents have reach to their agreement with the Digital Signature embedded.
- Tichmi regularly provide Discounted Coupons either from Tichmi or from the Tutor themselves.
- Tichmi does not promote or do marketing or send any SMS or Whatsapp to our Student or Tutor
- Tichmi provides trust for everyone by having our Website SSL Protection for better Data Protection and Security.
- Tichmi allow both Tutor and Student to negotiate the Rates by using our Internal Communication Messaging System.
- Tichmi will verify all Tutor's ID are verified and original and all Academic Qualifications are valid.
Now Recruiting New Tutors - No Coordinator, No SMS, No Whatsapp, No Calls - Direct communication using CMS Platform for Tutors/Student, thus enabling very low Agency Fees with Variables of Discount Offers.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Music Teacher - King George's Music Academy (Singapore)

If you are looking for a music school in Singapore with the most dedicated teachers, look no further.

We offer music lessons for all ages.

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